Debt Counselling - “One Affordable Payment”

The Government legislated the National Credit Act on the 1st of June 2007 to promote an effective, accessible and fair credit market to protect the consumer from reckless lending and over-indebtedness.

The new Act introduces regulated Debt Counsellors who have the expertise to assist and guide clients with debt problems and to devise debt restructuring plans enabling people to afford their monthly debt obligations.

Money24SA: assist in giving confidential advice and may , depending on the client’s financial profile, recommend the services of a qualified Debt Counsellor.

All Debt Counsellors are registered with the National Credit Regulator

Debt Counselling can be the ideal solution for the individual’s financial situation.

Debts can include credit cards, in store cards, personal loans, overdrafts, hire purchases, vehicle installment agreements and home loans.

“Providing for ONE SINGLE PAYMENT that you can afford “

The Counsellor will negotiate with your credit providers regarding the repayment period as well as reduction of installments and interest rates.

“Yes ! You can be debt free in a fixed period of time !

Take control of your life and finances again!

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